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One-on-one support packages

I'm here for you when you need answers. Sometimes all it takes is talking through a complicated medical problem to gain some perspective and direction, sign up for an hour-long session as many times as you need. Then there are times you need support and to learn how to feel better as a caregiver, sign up for my five or ten-session coaching option.

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In one 45 minute session, you'll get started with the tools and resources you need to become a successful caregiver. 


​We will review your current crisis and

We will review your pressing problem and come up with an action plan to move forward. 

Looking to just develop a Family Emergency Plan? This is the session for you!


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In five (45) minute Zoom call sessions , we will move you from just surviving as a caregiver to thriving. I will teach you methods to become more emotionally flexible, become solution-based through my three-step evaluation process and I will teach you my 5 step process on how to feel better. Don't let caregiving take over your life, learn how to start feeling better now. 


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Are you ready to get consistent weekly support? Are your current coping strategies ineffective? 

In ten weekly (45) minute Zoom calls, we will take my 5 steps to feel better even deeper and look at what is holding you back. I will teach you the three-step solution-based process to overcoming obstacles. We will learn what your top three worries are and come up with solutions to put those worries to rest.  




Some potential services I provided (but not limited to) include:

  • How to create your own personalized caregiver care plan

  • Find and understand alternative living situations

  • Create a Family Emergency Plan 

  • Remove guilt from caregiving and learn to set your priorities and boundaries for yourself

  • Learn how to cope with the grief in healthy ways

  • Prepare specific questions to ask medical professionals

  • Answer specific questions to your caregiving journey

  • Help with losing the weight from emotional eating while caregiving

Coaching and consulting calls take place via zoom calls. Evening and weekend hours are available. If you have questions regarding any of my services please feel free to contact me. 

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