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Don't Let Worry Pretend Like It is Necessary

During this time in our lives, worry is around every corner. It is on every TV channel, in every store, every school, and in every home. Worry leads to scary thoughts, fear, and anger. It can lead to panic and rash decision making, but we are human. Sometimes it cannot be avoided. I was worried about communication with my loved ones in nursing facilities, my kids doing virtual learning and my family getting coronavirus. Would my family be well taken care of if I could not visit them? Would I loose my job if I had to stay home more often with my kids? What if I got sick then how would the household run? How would I move about the world as an immunocompromised (lowered ability to fight infection) nurse? What was my family emergency plan? Worry can be a big part of our day, but it does not have to dictate our lives. It does not have to lead us to make hateful comments, jumping to conclusions, or avoidance in doing what needs to be done. While I will admit worry seems very necessary right now, I realized that it was robbing me of my power and wasting precious time. I was giving up my time to a feeling. Instead, I could be using my time to make plans. So, I had to flip the script intentionally. I discovered that I could turn my worry into a plan. First, I took 5 minutes to write down everything in my head. Then I took a look at what I was worried about and separated them into topics. Then I asked myself if I were talking to my best friend, what would I tell her to do? For example, what options do I have if the kids are home all winter doing virtual learning. Who could I ask for help. What was my employer willing to let me work from home part-time? When you start asking the right questions, you come up with answers that naturally lead into a plan. I used my feelings of worry to make structured plans, leading to a feeling of being more strong, calm, and clear. Who doesn't want more of that?! Worry only acts like it is necessary. How much time have you wasted worrying? Do you want to feel calm and in control? I am here for you. I am here to listen, and I am ready to hear your thoughts and help you make plans for your worries. or

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