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One Simple Solution To Help Your Aging Mother Avoid Falling In The Winter

I don't know about you, but I love the fall with its cooler days and the smell of leaves burning. However, it leads to dark nights and eventually winters. This brings on a whole new level of worry to those of us caring for our aging parents. Not only are we trying to make sure our kid's jackets still fit and that they have extra mittens, but we have to worry about our mothers walking outside in the cold and on the icy sidewalks. This can be a hazardous time of year, particularly for elderly people.

I am constantly worried about my mom falling in the winter trying to get her mail. I have good reason, she has fallen plenty of times which often then includes a hospital stay. I have forbidden her from leaving the house most days when it is cold and icy.

It got me to realizing thinking others must be worried too! How does your mom get her mail in the winter?

Does she have to go outside to get to the mailbox? Is the mailbox close to the front door, or does she have to maneuver a sidewalk and the driveway before she meets her final destination only to turn around and start her next journey to get back inside? Does she have smart shoes for her adventure? A warm jacket and gloves? Do you really want to worry about this daily trip all winter long? I don't know about you, but I don't!

Did you know you can request to have her mail delivered to her door if she has a medical hardship and her mailbox is at the curb or the street? I didn't know this little know fact until recently and wanted to share it right away. If this is your mother's situation, now is the time to put in her request.

To request door delivery, you need to write a letter requesting this change to her postal service. You will also need to attach a statement from her doctor. The doctor's report should indicate that she cannot collect her mail from a curb or mailbox.

Bonus tip: I plan on just sending a request through her online medical portal.

Both the letter and the doctor's statement must be sent to her post office for approval. The post office has the final say about whether or not door delivery will be granted, but hey, it is worth the effort!

Request letters should be addressed to:


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