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Jessica Sima:

Caregiving expert

I am an experienced nurse who holds a master’s degree in nursing, a certified nurse case manager, a certified caregiving consultant and educator, and the founder of The Everyday Nurse. I have a passion for caregiving that can be traced back to when my brother was born with developmental disabilities and continues today as I care for my mother with end-stage liver disease. As a seasoned case manager, I am passionate about empowering caregivers with the knowledge it takes to navigate the healthcare system while coaching them on how to manage their emotions and make their health a priority.


My Caregiving Journey


My mother Dianne

As a professional and a family caregiver, I have navigated the complicated health system. I know what to ask questions to ask, when to take action and how to prepare for each level of care from intensive care to home care.

My mother, Dianne, has been battling end-stage liver disease for over 10 years now. She has gone from being monitored for fatty liver disease to now being on a transplant list with one of the nation's most recognized hospitals for transplants. She has been at almost all levels of care, in and out of the hospital. 


My brother, Kenn, has cerebral palsy, a seizure disorder, and mental health challenges. I've felt the pain of watching him struggle with a disability. I've been angry about the lack of support for the most vulnerable people in society. I have toured group homes and state-operated facilities. I have transferred him from one end of the state of Illinois to the other, all while working, supporting my mother and raising my own family. 


This experience puts me in a unique position to relate to family caregivers  It's my mission to empowered with information to make informed decisions


My brother Kenn

I know it's not easy

I have seen what the human spirit can endure, I know the love of family, and the joy you feel when you have cared for someone during their most vulnerable times. 


Caregiving can be one of the biggest challenges of our adult life, and one of the most rewarding.


It will show you your strengths and your weaknesses, and it has indeed taught me mine. It has shown me the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have won some challenges and lost some, that's the nature of caregiving. 

It is perfectly imperfect. 

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Me, my grandmother, Mary, and my daughter Mady

American Case Management Association Log

Certified Case Manager

Certified Caregiving Consultant - Edit

Certified Caregiving Consultant 

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MS in Nursing 

Certified Caregiving Educator - Edit

Certified Caregiving Educator

Published work

I was recently published in a medical journal regarding the topic of guided patient support. 

You can view the entirety of the article here

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