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The Family Caregiving Emergency Plan

Every worry needs a plan. During this program, the audience will learn how to start a plan for handling the unexpected during a caregiving experience so they can manage life, work, and caregiving responsibilities.

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In this session, you will learn that when providing care for someone, either part-time or full-time, the reality is you may also fall ill or an emergency may come up. That is why forming a family emergency plan is so important. Often we feel caught off guard because, as caregivers, we rarely have time to think about various caregiving emergencies. It is vital to have the plan ready before it is needed.


You'll take the concepts that I discuss in my lecture and apply them to your specific caregiving journey. You'll take tangible steps to making your life easier and more efficent. 

Ask a Nurse Case Manager

This is your time to ask all the burning questions that you might have. The floor is open and I'm ready to field and find answers for you to help you. 

I'm interested in bringing this workshop to my organization. 

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