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Little Black Dress Vets

Portrait of happy young woman in black d

Congratulations on completing the first 6 weeks of The Little Black Dress Project! 

You have learned so much, but that was just the beginning! 

Weight loss is so much more than smoothies and meal plans when you are looking to make a permanent change. 

It is about strategy AND mindset. 

How do you do that? 

That is what the vet's group is all about.

I know you are ready! 

What will you get in the next six weeks? Even more value than the first six weeks for the same price! 

  • Continued access to The Little Black Dress Project playbooks. 

  • Four more weeks of meal plans and grocery lists included in a new playbook!

  • New smoothie recipes! 

  • Access to the private Facebook group for accountability and support!

  • Three half-hour strategy sessions via a Zoom call with me (if desired)!

  • Weekly topics via  Facebook Lives 

  1. The four P's for long-term weight loss. 

  2. Think, feel, act cycle

  3. Cravings and buffering

  4. The three W simple strategy. 

  5. Push

  6. Protocols and boundaries. 

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