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Ready to look forward too look forward to getting dressed, 
achieve lasting weight loss, and rediscover your confidence? tting dressed, 
achieve lasting weight loss, and rediscover your confidence? 

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After Hours



m’s illness, not having my brother living with his family, the things my patients have to endure, and my caregiver client’s emotional pain.

Then there are long to-do lists, the kid's holiday break, two birthdays, friends you want to see, and organizing the perfect holiday while keeping traditions alive.

Oh, and don’t forget to eat healthily and exercise.

Today it all feels heavy.

So what do you 

Well, I can tell you what I used to do.

I used to not pay attention to my feelings with keeping super busy, walking around with a victim mentality, and eating and drinking all the things.

Then I would blame my circumstances on not being able to keep up and gaining weight because it was the holiday season.

So what do I do now?

Today I feel my feelings.

  • I make room to feel sad, journal and cry.

  • Then I slow my day down. I remove what I can from my day, not add more in.

  • I do what I can to keep the day simple and allow for time to feel how I am feeling and allow it to move through me.

After all, they are all just feelings.

They can’t harm me if I allow space for them.

What harms me is when I try to push against them because I don’t want to feel them so I eat and drink instead.

Feel sad = eat Christmas cookies.

Feel rushed = eat fast food

Feel pressure = drink wine to relax

Now I know I can allow for those feelings to move through me and keep going anyway.

So today I will make space to feel.

Feel sad = cry and write about the feelings.

Feel rushed = Do only what has to be done so I have time to make food that nourishes me.

Feel pressure = Take a bath or shower and breathe.

Then I will allow my feelings to come along with me while we get the most important things done but I will not allow them to drive my whole day.


Coffee, journal, and cry

Water, back exercises, and 12 days of Fitmas

Christmas shop and wrap presents

Game of Thrones and eat an amazing salad.

Take a bath and put on clothes that make me feel good.

Leave space for quiet time while getting organized for the week.

For me, planning is the antidote for anxiety around the holidays.

P. S.

Want help with this process?

That is what Weight Loss for Busy Caregivers is all about.

Being a healthy caregiver is about more than just the food you eat. It is about managing your feelings and that takes practice.

Head over to to get your spot for the January group.


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